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We're about Enlightening and relating to those that reflect us . You will get poetry, "Ourstory" insights and learn things you may have never known.

Broken Promises

A Broken Heart Being Broken Down From Broken Promises.

New Promises Being Made Promising To Bring Better Days.

Days Like This I Wish The Pain Will Go Away, Days Like This I Wish And Reminisce Before The Broken Promises Will It Ever Get Better.

Lying In Bed While Lying In Bed About Lying Down A Foundation And Future

A Future Being Painted Featuring You.

Picturing A Family, The Big House, White Picket Fence, Seasonal Vacations

A Picture Perfect Family

Being Made Promises But Not A Priority

Lying Down Your Trust

Picturing Better Days When Promises Are Kept With A Mended Heart Only To Be Lied To Once More About A Future That Never Comes.

Does It End?

~Kiara Warren

This article was originally published on @kiarasavage