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We're about Enlightening and relating to those that reflect us . You will get poetry, "Ourstory" insights and learn things you may have never known.

How It All Got Started

Throughout the centuries we have been lied to, “Our"story stolen, and buried. On my Facebook timeline at one point, I saw multiple status about how black women wanted to be like white (European) women because they like to wear long, straight, silky, blonde weaves and color contacts. And that may have been true for some, but others it just was a style that was more manageable than our natural course locks. Also i thought maybe it could be the other way around or maybe traits don't just belong to one race. So that day,2 years ago August 7th 2015, I sought out to Enlighten myself to educate my people about themselves. I did substantial research into different written and visual sources on *Black People With Natural Blonde and/or straight hair and blue/green eyes etc.* After I gathered enough factual information I wrote a short summary of what I researched. I didn't expect it to go viral and reach so many people. I was surprised at all the positive feedback, some negative, and some copying and turning it into their own. It educated a lot of people that never heard of these people. It spoke truth to where we come from and how extraordinary we are. It taught me that certain traits aren't just based on race. If we were to travel deep down into our roots we Will All find out where it all begin.

This article was originally published on @kiarasavage