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We're about Enlightening and relating to those that reflect us . You will get poetry, "Ourstory" insights and learn things you may have never known.

The Breakdown of the Breakup

First They Put The Black Men And Women Against Each Other By Putting It In Our Head That We Don't Need A Man And We Can Do It On Our Own. But God Put Us Together For A Reason. Man Needs Woman And Vice Versa. Then They Emasculate The Men. They Had The Women To Make The Men Feel They're Not Strong Enough For Them And Some Men Leave The Woman Or The Women Take It Upon Themselves To Raising Children Trying To Be Father And Mother. You Can Raise A Child But You Can't Replace That Role. Which Brings On ,To Some,The Sense To Want To Be Like A Woman After Having There Roles As A Man Taken From Them. It Starts With The Pants Sagging Revealing Their Ass, Then The Pants Comes Off And They Replace Them With Dresses. They Target Our Black Boys By Dumbing Them Down. The Same Reason Why Other Black Children Tease The Smart Black Kids In School Making Them Feel Bad. Because They All Were Taught If You're Smart Or Speak With Intelligence That You're “Acting White.” No Matter How Intelligent They Really Are, They Don't Know That Anymore Because The Enemy Killed Their Self-esteem And They're Led To “Act Stupid.” It's A Shame How Blacks At A Young Age Hurt Each Other, But What Is Even More Sad Is The People That Are Suppose To Educate Us Take Advantage Of Our Young Minds And Brainwash Us. So After They Dumb Our Boys Down They Fail School And Do Not Get The Proper Education, Then They Turn To The Streets For A Quick Hustle And Fast Money Because They Don't Have The Education For The Best Jobs. That Leads To Black Men/Boys Getting Into Trouble And Then Are Put Through The System Destroying Whatever Chance They Had Of Getting A Good Job Even If They Were To Seek A Better Education. This Result In Young Boys Not Having A Father Figure In Their Life To Teach Them The Power They Could Have So They Wouldn't Make The Same Mistakes. So Then The Enemy Can Then Say I Told You'd Fail. Sure They Fail Because You Set Them Up To. If We Would Teach Our People Power, Built Self-esteem And Togetherness Then The Influence Of Others Would Not Lead Us To Killing Each Other. Africans Are One Of The Smartest People In The World Over Asians With Less Resources, But Even The Smartest Genius In The World, If Put In This American Setting Or Any Set Up For Failure, Mind Could Be Manipulated To Believe He Is The Most Ignorant Person In The World. So They Attack The Black Man Self-esteem From Childhood Which Results In Bad Choices And Outcomes. Yet We Still Let Our Ignorance Consume Us Being Concerned With Things Like Remy Ma, Cardi B And Nicki Minaj. Stevie J And Joseline. Which Further Prove My Point Of How We Are Put Against Each Other Instead Of The Importance Of Our Lives And Coming Together As A People. #breakthechains #continueschain #educateyourselves #sad #blacklivesmatter

This article was originally published on @kiarasavage